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Bed and breakfast Agrigento

Agrigento The ancient town of Akragas was founded by the ancient Greeks in 600 BC. It was later conquered by the Carthagians and later by the Romans who renamed it Agrigentum. Pindaro described Agrigento as, “the most beautiful of all the mortal cities”. The city dominates the Templi Valley and is home to many archeological sites such as Heraclea Minoa with remains of an ancient city, situated on the top of a promontory overlooking the sea, and the ruins of a Roman villa on the cliffs which are known as Scala dei Turchi. In Palma di Montechiaro there is a splendid Baroque Palace and also the Ottaviano Palace. In Naro you can visit the Castle of Chiaramonte from the fourteenth century, or Sambuca di Sicilia, whose architecture has strong Arab influences. The beautiful coastline around Agrigento with its deep blue sea is near to the islands of Lampedusa, Linosa and Lampione, all of which are incredibly close to the coast of Africa. Typical dishes from this province include a lot of fish dishes, such as pasta with sardines and ricotta cheese, roasted swordfish and pork chops.

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In the province of Agrigento

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In the province of Agrigento

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In the province of Agrigento