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Apulia This region has a very colorful landscape thanks to its green olive groves, golden fields of wheat, its red tomatoes, white limestone and its deep blue sea. The sunny skies of Southern Italy only made the colors of the land all the more vivid. Naturally an arid land the lushness of the area is down to centuries of carefully tending to the farmed lands. Apulia, or Puglia, has a long and rich history having been inhabited by the Greeks, the Latins, the Bizantines, the Lombards and the Normans. Just behind the coast there are vast areas of vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields which have been around since pre-Roman times and even today have not been contaminated by industry or tourism. The province of Foggia, or Capitanata as it was once known, is to the North of the region home to the Gargano and the Tavoliere plains which are the largest plains in Italy. Bari is in the center of the region as is the Murge plateau. This plateau consists mainly of limestone rock, has a highest elevation of 700 meters and is home to narrow canyons, known as "gravine". In the basin of the Itria Valley where olives and vines grow, you can find the famous "trulli", prehistoric round huts typical of this region. Otranto and the Salento peninsula with their crystal clear waters are to the South. Apulia is an ideal holiday destination for its beautiful beaches, many sites of cultural interest, beautiful countryside, well preserved ancient towns and fantastic food. Visitors can head to any of the regions many towns or villages as each and every one has an ancient church, its own local festival and a restaurant or a trattoria which serves "burrate" (a type of delicious cheese), local fish and vegetables.

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