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Bed and breakfast Asti

Asti Asti is known worldwide for its wine, particularly its Asti DOCG Sparkling Wine, but this province has many other things to offer tourists besides its fine wine and excellent food. The province of Asti has many Roman churches, medieval castles, baroque buildings and Renaissance gardens. The people of Asti are very proud of the province’s history and have preserved many of their ancient traditions. Each year the province celebrates the bravery of its people in a re-enactment of the Siege of Cannelli which took place during a war of succession with the Duchy of Monferrato. Asti’s Palio, a traditional bare back horse race, is the oldest of its kind in Italy and the province also celebrates its culinary past with a Truffle Festival each year. The towers, churches and baroque palaces in the city of Asti are testimonies to its illustrious past. Asti has long been famous for its vineyards and wines. The Asti Sparkling Wine is the biggest selling sparkling Italian wine, not only in Italy but around the world. In the medieval castle of Cisterna d’Asti there is a museum called “The museum of arts and crafts of time gone by” which shows the daily life of those people who used to live by the land. Excellent wines produced in this province, besides its sparkling wine are: Barbera D’Asti, Cortese dell’Alto Monferrato, Dolcetto from Alba and Asti, Freisa D’Asti and many others. Asti is also famous for its white truffles which is to be found in almost all local dishes. White truffles are extremely expensive but exquisitely delicious thus much sought after by chefs around the world. Typical dishes are "tajarin gialli" (a type of hand made pasta), ravioli, bollito (a type of meat stew), finanziera (a traditional farmer’s meal made from giblets), fried food, salamis, cheeses and nut based desserts. The hazelnuts from Asti are in fact used for making the famous chocolate spread Nutella.

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