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Bed and breakfast Benevento

Benevento The province of Benevento is situated in North East Campania and borders with the regions of Apulia and Molise and the provinces of Caserta, Avellino and Naples. It was founded in 1860 after eight centuries of papal rule. It currently has 78 municipalities and 290,000 inhabitants. The most populated towns are Montesarchio, Sant’Agata dei Goti, San Giorgio del Sannio, Airola and San Bartolomeo in Galdo. The local economy is largely dependent on agriculture, the service industry and, in recent years, on tourism. The tourist industry has undergone a vast expansion in this area thanks to new tourist structures including various bed and breakfasts which offer visitors a relaxing break from city life and the chance to enjoy the breathtaking countryside, delicious local food and excellent wine (the famous Aglianico and Falanghina wines are produced here) this area has to offer. In some areas visitors can also go on excursions or even go horseback riding at one of the many riding schools here.

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In the province of Benevento

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