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Bed and breakfast Bologna

Bologna The province of Bologna has around 940,000 inhabitants. This province is landlocked, bordering with various other provinces and the region of Tuscany. The largest towns and cities are Bologna, Imola, Casalecchio di Reno, San Lazzaro di Savena and San Giovanni di Persiceto. The terrain is predominantly flat or slightly hilly, the rivers Reno, Savena , Idice and Santerno run though this region which also has two large rocky outcrops, the Contrafforte Pilocenico and Vena del Gesso. The local economy is based on vegetable and cereal farming, the town of Budrio in particular grows a type of potato that is very sought after. Cattle rearing is also an important trade here and there are also many small to medium size businesses operating in the area. Bologna is also home to a large exhibition center, the Fiera di Bologna which attracts thousands of tourists for the numerous events it holds there, for example the annual Motor Show.

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