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Bed and breakfast Brindisi

Brindisi The province of Brindisi lies on the Salento plain and was an important commercial port in Roman times that linked southern Italy with the Middle East. Brindisi has two ancient Roman columns which have come to symbolize the city. Only one of the two, standing at around 19 meters, is still visible and has sculpted effigies of Jupiter, Neptune, Pallas, Mars and eight tritons at the head of the column. Frederick II of Hohenstaufen built his castle here which has a trapezoid plan, massive towers at its corners and is encircled by a moat. The town of Egnazia also recalled by Horace, near Savelletri is an interesting place to visit as many archeological discoveries have been made in the area. To the South of the province, there are to be found the towns of Tre Canne with its natural hot springs and Ostuni with its seaside resorts, which are very popular tourist destinations. Animal lovers can visit the Safari Zoo in Fasano, one of the largest zoos in Europe where the animals are not kept in captivity. Traditional festivals in the province include the celebration of Corpus Domini, based on the legend of the difficult landing of Louis IX, who was later made a saint, the Festival of Ostuni which honors its patron saint, St. Orontius of Lecce who freed the city from the plague. Visitors should head to Ceglie Messapico or Francavilla Fontana to try the local specialties such as “cozze racanate” (oven baked mussels with parsley, olive oil and garlic), “polipo alla pignata” (an octopus dish baked in the oven with vegetables), “fave rappate” (broad beans with pasta). Typical desserts are "cauciuni", fried pastries filled with chocolate, boiled chickpeas, candied fruit, spices and liqueur, and "carteddate", traditional Christmas biscuits.

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