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Bed and breakfast Cagliari

Cagliari The province of Cagliari has its coast to the South, the Sette Fratelli mountains to the East, the Capoterra mountains to the West and the Campidano plains to the North. The city was founded by the Phoenicians and its ancient name was Kalaris. After domination by the Byzantines, the Aragonese and then the Savoy, it became part of the Kingdom of Italy. Nature lovers should head to the beautiful Cape St. Elias where you can go on walking excursions and visit the tower. The promenade on Poetto beach and the Santa Gilla lagoon with its pink flamingos are also well worth a visit. To the North of this province you can still see traces of times long gone by in the Phoenician Temple, the Roman theater and the Forum in the town of Nora. The capes of Spartivento, Teulada, and Malfatano are home to stunning rocky coves and sandy beaches. Other beautiful beaches can be found in Villasimius and Quartu Sant’Elena, the Cavoli islands, (named after the Sardinian word for crab) and Serpentara. Typical products from this province are the different types of bread which differ according to the area in which they are made, such as “su cifraxu” and “su coccoi”. A typical appetizer is “burrida”, a fish stew, whilst typical main courses are “malloreddus”, gnocchi with saffron, tomatoes and cheese, or “panadas”, pasta stuffed with vegetables, meat or eel. The most famous dish from the area is “porceddu”, lamb or goatling skewers seasoned with myrtle leaves and bay leaves.

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