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Bed and breakfast Caltanissetta

Caltanissetta Caltanissetta origins can be traced back to 400 BC. This is evidence of the fact that it was inhabited before the arrival of the ancient Greeks. The city was conquered by the Arabs and then came under the rule of the Paternò, before officially becoming part of the Kingdom of Italy. This city’s ancient past can be seen in sites such as Gela where the sand preserved the Acropolis and the remains of houses from the ancient city. In Capo Soprano you can still see the ancient defensive walls. Marianopoli and Capo Soprano also have archeological sites with relics from the Neolithic civilization. There are many castles in the area, such as the Manfredonico castle, or the Fort of Grassuliato and the castle “U cannoni” in Mazzarino. The most important castle is however the Castle of Gela which for many years was the only fort of defense along the coast. Nature lovers should visit the Capodarso Mountain and nature reserve and Lake Sfondato which has a wide variety of wild orchids. Food from this area is very plain but absolutely delicious. Typical dishes include “muffulette”, golden pizzas with no toppings but seasoned only with olive oil, “maccu”, a type of soup. A typical sweet is “torrone”, a type of crunchy nougat bar.

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In the province of Caltanissetta

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In the province of Caltanissetta