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Bed and breakfast Cuneo

Cuneo The province of Cuneo has a long and illustrious past. Being very near the French border the province has held on to many of its regional traditions but has also retained many Provençal traditions. Cuneo is situated between two rivers, the Stursa and the Gesso, and is surrounded by the mountains. Cuneo resembles a military town. There are plenty of things to see in Cuneo’s historic center such as Piazza Galimberti and its market, and the Cathedral dedicated to the Madonna of the Woods. Other important towns in this province are: Savigliano which was founded in the XIII century. The town is overshadowed by an impressive bell tower and traces of the Savoy rule are visible today in monuments such as the Taffini Palace and the Milanollo theater; Racconigi which dates back to the 18th century and its castle was the summer residence of the Savoy family; Saluzzo, a beautiful medieval town home to the marquisate, with many sites of interest such as the church of St. John built in the XVI century and the house of the Cavassa family, now a museum. The province of Cuneo is also a popular destination with nature lovers for its mountains and nature reserves. Monviso stands at 3,841 metres above sea level, and on the headwaters of the Po are found on the northern slopes of this mountain. The Park of the Maritime Alps is home to wild goats, chamoises, marmots, ermines, buzzards, various other alpine animals. The Park is home to numerous lakes and smaller expanses of water surrounded by grazing. The grottos of Bossea are also worth a visit. Here you can see the grottos’ "Ciciu", that is the geological term for the rock formations shaped like mushroom over time by natural erosion. The local cuisine is essentially based on chestnuts. Just to name a few famous dishes, the Pan di Crue (a type of loaf of bread made with chestnuts), the chestnut polenta, chicken stuffed with chestnuts, chestnut salami and castagnaccio (a cake made with chestnut flour).

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