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Bed and breakfast Enna

Enna The province of Enna is entirely landlocked. A trip to this province must include a visit to Piazza Armerina and Villa Del Casale, a protected UNESCO site of natural beauty. The villa is truly splendid and is famous for its many beautiful mosaics. Archeological digs have also uncovered hidden treasures around Morgantina including an agora and ancient villas. The Regional Archeological Museum of Aidone houses many important finds including a magnificent statue of an outstretched woman believed to date back to the 5th century BC., various works in terracotta depicting the deity Persephone and an acrolith statue of a robed woman. In the areas around Caltanissetta four necropolises have been found, including that of Realmese which has over three hundred tombs. Other places to visit are Centurie and Leonforte, the village of Castelferrato, which is of Arabic origin, and the Valguarnera Castle in Assoro. The village Nicosia, on the slopes of the Nebrodi Mountains, is also worth a visit for the beautiful artworks to be found there. Typical dishes from this province include “maccu”, a broad bean soup, “guastedde”, a type of bread, and “pasta a la norma”, with aubergines, ricotta cheese and basil. A typical dessert is cubbaita, a type of nougat bar made with almonds.

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In the province of Enna

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