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Latium Situated between the Apennines and the Tyrrhenian Sea, Lazio is home to volcanic lakes, mountains, vineyards and olive groves. Lazio has always been popular with culture lovers for its history and archaeological sites, but it now also attracts water-sports enthusiasts who can practice their sport in one of the many centers to be found along the coasts and lakes. Lazio has been long affected by the power of Rome which attracted much more attention than the other cities in the region. For example, the Pontine marshes were still affected by malaria into the 1920’s when finally Mussolini ordered them to be transformed into farmland. A large part of Lazio was formed from the lava that covered the area following the eruption of four nearby volcanoes. Lakes formed in the craters left behind and the soil remained fertile from the lava making it ideal for cultivating grapes, olives, fruit and nut trees. The natural occurring hot springs in this area, notably in Tivoli and Fiuggi, are also a product of past volcanic activity. The city of Rome, which lies between the hilly woodlands of the North and the reclaimed marshlands in the South, naturally dominates this region. The lakes Bracciano, Bolsena and Albano are great for swimming and sailing but the best beaches are to be found between Gaeta and Sabaudia in the Circeo National Park.

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