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Liguria Liguria has a rather unique landscape with its mountains, cliffs and its beautiful, varied coastline which is certainly among the prettiest in Italy. Liguria is also home to beautiful cities and famous towns like Portofino, which are a world apart from the bustling city of Genoa whose port is one of the largest in the Mediterranean. Genoa has a long maritime history and was a famous trading port in the times of the Greeks and the ancient Phoenician civilization. The port of Genoa went on to become the center of a small maritime empire which even managed to eclipse the famous port of Venice for a short time. The admiral Andrea Doria was from Genoa as was Christopher Columbus, who discovered America. Liguria’s East and West coasts are very different; the western coast, known as the Ponente Riviera, is a thin strip of flat land that extends to the French border. The eastern coast, or the Levante Riviera, is much more rugged and rocky. Between the East and West coasts lies the main city of the province, Genoa. Liguria’s charming coastal towns are in sharp contrast to its busy port which spreads down the coast and is framed by the mountains that stand behind in the distance.

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