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B&B near Marechiaro

The best B&Bs near Marechiaro

A complete, detailed selection of the best bed and breakfasts present in the city.

B&B Rivalta - Posillipo (a 1 Km)

B&B Rivalta - Posillipoo B&B Rivalta - Posillipo
NAPLES - via Posillipo, 56
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
B&B Rivalta - Posillipo is a cozy apartment with 2 double rooms and 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, TV and a little beach that you can reach walking. In the neghbourhood you will find historical sites such as Parco Virgiliano and the archeological site of Pausylipon.

BBPosillipo (a 3 Km)

BBPosillipoo BBPosillipo
NAPLES - via posillipo 410
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

H rooms Boutique Hotel (a 4 Km)

H rooms Boutique Hotelo H rooms Boutique Hotel
NAPLES - Via francesco caracciolo 11
Tipologia: Hotel
H Rooms Great location in the heart of Naples on via Caracciolo 11, near U.S Consulate and piazza della Repubblica. Front of Hydrofoil terminal of Mergellina an just 10 minutes walking from the best shopping area of Naples. Via Calabritto, Piazza dei Martiri e via dei Mille. Very close the hotel...

Casa Mira Napoli (a 4 Km)

Casa Mira Napolio Casa Mira Napoli
NAPLES - Via Giordano Bruno 169, (ex Via Mergellina)
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

B&B Marina Mergellina (a 4 Km)

B&B Marina Mergellinao B&B Marina Mergellina
NAPLES - Viale Villa Santa Maria 14
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
Sited in an ideal location, quiet and at the same time very well connected to all the main points of the city, B&B Marina Mergellina will welcome you with courtesy and reliability, by providing your holidays and your business travel with its facilities and its services.

Amedeo (a 5 Km)

Amedeoo Amedeo
NAPLES - Via Francesco Crispi 26
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
Bed & Breakfast Amedeo Residence is situated in the heart of "Chiaia", the most exclusive area of Naples, only 1-minute walk to the underground station of Amedeo square, in the city centre.

B&B Casa12 (a 5 Km)

B&B Casa12o B&B Casa12
NAPLES - Corso Vittorio Emanuele 168
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

PM3 (a 5 Km)

PM3o PM3
NAPLES - via del Parco Margherita, 3
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

A Casa Manuela (a 5 Km)

A Casa Manuelao A Casa Manuela
NAPLES - Corso Vittorio Emanuele
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

B&B Blue Dream Pozzuoli (a 5 Km)

B&B Blue Dream Pozzuolio B&B Blue Dream Pozzuoli
Pozzuoli - Via Giuseppe Chiaro n 11
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
B&B is situated in Via Giuseppe Chiaro, 11 near the Historical Center of Pozzuoli (Rione Terra), it is in easy walking distance, but there is bus or Cumana Railways “Gerolomini-Terme”. The Historical Center of Naples and the Train station are easily reached by the Cumana Railway.

La casa della Nonna B&B (a 6 Km)

La casa della Nonna B&Bo La casa della Nonna B&B
NAPLES - Piazza Medaglie d'oro 27
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
"La casa della Nonna b&b" in Naples,is an bright apartament with tree bed rooms, sixsth floor with lift.Located in the heart of Vomero a smart and central neighbourhood on the hill just in front of the main underground to the historical center.

Holidays in Naples (a 6 Km)

Holidays in Napleso Holidays in Naples
NAPLES - Vico Mortelle
Tipologia: Casa Vacanze
Nice apartments for tourist located in downtown Naples. Each is individual: studio, apartments, houses, all with kitchen and separate bathrooms, and each is located in a special area of the city.

I 34 Turchi (a 6 Km)

I 34 Turchio I 34 Turchi
NAPLES - via marino turchi 34
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Il Rifugio (a 7 Km)

Il Rifugioo Il Rifugio
NAPLES - via salvator rosa 205
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast


NAPLES - Via Francesco Girardi, 37
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
More hospitable than a hotel, more comfortable than a bed and breakfast: Spaccanapoli Comfort Suites allows you to spend your days away from home in an elegant and refined environment, right in the folklore of the historic center of Naples.

Casa Avallone (a 6 Km)

Casa Avalloneo Casa Avallone
NAPLES - Via F. Girardi, 70
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Al Maschio Angioino (Castel Nuovo) (a 6 Km)

Al Maschio Angioino (Castel Nuovo)o Al Maschio Angioino (Castel Nuovo)
NAPLES - Via S.Brigida 51
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Blue Dream Napoli (a 6 Km)

Blue Dream Napolio Blue Dream Napoli
NAPLES - Largo Ferrandina a chiaia n.7
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

b&b Sui Tetti di Napoli (a 6 Km)

b&b Sui Tetti di Napolio b&b Sui Tetti di Napoli
NAPLES - Vico Figurelle a Montecalvario, 6
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast


NAPLES - Via Sant'Anna dei Lombardi, 16
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
The Residence Napoli Centro (in the middle of Naples) is an elegant and pleasant Bed & Breakfast situated in the Middle of Naples, only few steps far from via Toledo, Santa Chiara e Gesù Nuovo churchs, Saint Armenian Gregorio str. (the road of the mangers).

Miseria e Nobiltà (a 7 Km)

Miseria e Nobiltào Miseria e Nobiltà
NAPLES - Via S.Anna dei Lombardi, 5
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
At the first floor of an ancient building (XVIII century), b&b Miseria e Nobiltà has 4 rooms - each one with its private bathroom, each one up to 4 bed sizes - and a common living room where breakfast is served, and our guests have a PC available freely connected to internet 24h.

Suite Miseria e Nobiltà (a 7 Km)

Suite Miseria e Nobiltào Suite Miseria e Nobiltà
NAPLES - Via S.Anna dei Lombardi, 5
Tipologia: Appartamento

La Casa dell'Architetto (a 7 Km)

La Casa dell'Architettoo La Casa dell'Architetto
NAPLES - Calata Trinità Maggiore, 4
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast


NAPLES - via Donnalbina, 7
Tipologia: Hotel

I Vicoletti Bed and Breakfast (a 7 Km)

I Vicoletti Bed and Breakfasto I Vicoletti Bed and Breakfast
NAPLES - via S Domenico Soriano, 46
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Belle Arti Resort (a 7 Km)

Belle Arti Resorto Belle Arti Resort
NAPLES - Via Santa Maria di Costantinopoli 27
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Aminei Colors (a 8 Km)

Aminei Colorso Aminei Colors
NAPLES - Via Nicolardi, 2
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
The Bed and Breakfast Aminei Colors is a welcoming and comfortable property located in the heart of Naples, near Colli Aminei. The B&B is located near the modern hospital area.

Al centro e' meglio (a 7 Km)

Al centro e' meglioo Al centro e' meglio
NAPLES - Corso Umberto I° 58 , 80138
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

B&B Il Campanile (a 7 Km)

B&B Il Campanileo B&B Il Campanile
NAPLES - via San Gregorio Armeno 21
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
Il campanile bed and breakfast is a nice and clean guest house located in heart of Naples, very close to San Gregorio Armeno and Santa Chiara chiostro.

Zia Maria Home B&B (a 7 Km)

Zia Maria Home B&Bo Zia Maria Home B&B
NAPLES - Piazza San Gaetano, 322
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

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