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Bed and breakfast Nuoro

Nuoro The province of Nuoro is a mountainous region with many grottos and narrow canyons. Throughout this province the traces of the ancient Nuragic civilization that once lived here. There are several archaeological sites, such as the Domus de Janas, types of prehistoric rock cut tombs, and the sacred pits. Nuoro is best known for the Gennargentu mountain range and nature reserve, home also to the Marmora mountain which is surrounded by beautiful woods and lush vegetation. The city of Nuoro has several monuments of cultural interest, such as its lovely cathedral, the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Snow, and the house of the famous writer Grazia Deledda. The Barbagie mountain area, which was given its name by the Romans for its people’s resistance to foreign domain, is also well worth a visit. Here you will find a lush countryside with wild boars, mouflons and various species of birds of prey. There are many sites to visit in the province: Domus de Janas, the Neolithic menhirs, the Giants’ Grave, the nuraghe and the Gothic-Catalan churches. Other places to visit are Margine, where there are beautiful green fields, springs and oasis of natural beauty like that of Santo Padre in Bortigali, Mount St. Anthony in Macomer and Badde Salighes in Bolotana. Tourists also enjoy taking long walks along the beautiful gulf of Orosei or, alternatively, visit Santa Maria Navarres, where you will find the tower, the rustic small church of St. Peter, the Fico Grotto, the Fort of Doladorgiu, the Giants’ Grave in Santu Pedru and Annida and the seven nuraghe which are very famous in the area. Many dishes in this province are seasoned with pecorino sheep cheese, aromatic herbs and olive oil. Local products include carasau bread, “maccarrones cravaos”, a variation on traditional "gnocchetti sardi", “cucurgiones”, ravioli stuffed with cheese, potatoes with mint, “su filindeu”, a type of pasta similar to spaghetti, and many lamb dishes.

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