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Bed and breakfast Palermo

Palermo The province of Palermo is largely a mountainous and hilly region. It was founded by the Carthagians, was later occupied by the Romans, and then conquered by the Arabs. Palermo has a long and glorious past. In the Archeological site of Solunto you can see the remains of private villas, the agora and the theater, all of which are immersed in a beautiful landscape. On Mount Jato the remains of the Temple of Aphrodite are still visible today and in Ustica there are the remains of an early Christian necropolis and a prehistoric village. The Park of Madonie is situated between the rivers Pollina and Imera. Other towns to visit are Cefalù with its Norman Cathedral, Pollina, Caltavuturo (home to the 18th century church of Santa Maria la Nuova), Gratteri and Isnello. Visitors to the area must see the Moorish Cathedral of Monreale and the castles of Ventimiglia in Geraci Siculo. The most popular beaches are Mondello, Cefalù and Sferracavallo, which is an ancient fishing village. Culinary specialties in this province are arancini, fried rice balls, and “pani ca’meusa”, beef giblet sandwiches. The most delicious dishes from the area are pasta with sardines, “anelletti al forno”, small rings of pasta cooked in the oven, and “tonno a sfinciuni”, battered tuna.

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