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B&B near Aeroporto Punta Raisi

The best B&Bs near Aeroporto Punta Raisi

A complete, detailed selection of the best bed and breakfasts present in the city.

Cinisi Vacanze (a 2 Km)

Cinisi Vacanzeo Cinisi Vacanze
Cinisi - Via Artale,41
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Casa Rossa (a 19 Km)

Casa Rossao Casa Rossa
Monreale - Via Pietro Novelli 297
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Baglio Busalacchi (a 19 Km)

Baglio Busalacchio Baglio Busalacchi
PALERMO - via pazienza 33a
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

B&B Il Banano (a 19 Km)

B&B Il Bananoo B&B Il Banano
PALERMO - via Stesicoro 3
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Appartamento S.Maria a Mondello (a 20 Km)

Appartamento S.Maria a Mondelloo Appartamento S.Maria a Mondello
PALERMO - via delfini 47
Tipologia: Appartamento

AL BAGLIO (a 20 Km)

PALERMO - via gallo 19
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Fumbi B&B (a 22 Km)

Fumbi B&Bo Fumbi B&B
PALERMO - via Generale Arimondi, 48
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Piccola Sicilia (a 23 Km)

Piccola Siciliao Piccola Sicilia
PALERMO - via tenente giovanni ingrao 2
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Al Politeama (a 23 Km)

Al Politeamao Al Politeama
PALERMO - piazza s. oliva 37
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

A'to casa (a 23 Km)

A'to casao A'to casa
PALERMO - via mariano stabile 221
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
A’To Casa bed & breakfast, which literally means “at your own home”, wants to give the idea to make its guests feel at home no matter where they come from. It was created inside a noble palace of the earliest forties, its young and modern furnishing is harmoniously in...

Bed And Breakfast Ariston Palermo (a 23 Km)

Bed And Breakfast Ariston Palermoo Bed And Breakfast Ariston Palermo
PALERMO - Via Mariano Stabile 139
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast


Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Casa Galati - Palermo B&B (a 23 Km)

Casa Galati - Palermo B&Bo Casa Galati - Palermo B&B
PALERMO - Via Narciso Cozzo, 22
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
Casa Galati B&B - New opening in the centre of Palermo. We offer comfort, elegance, courtesy and a great location right in the heart of the city

Casa Orioles (a 23 Km)

Casa Orioleso Casa Orioles
PALERMO - Via Alla Piazza dei Tedeschi 4
Tipologia: Casa Vacanze

B&B Montevergini (a 23 Km)

B&B Monteverginio B&B Montevergini
PALERMO - Via Montevergini,19
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

B&B Gli Aristogatti (a 24 Km)

B&B Gli Aristogattio B&B Gli Aristogatti
PALERMO - Via Bari, 18
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
The b & b The Aristocats is a modern and comfortable, located in the historic center of Palermo, characterized by a warm and cozy with a high quality service

Cleopatrabb (a 24 Km)

Cleopatrabbo Cleopatrabb
PALERMO - Via Foro Umberto Primo n.20
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Seven Rooms (a 23 Km)

Seven Roomso Seven Rooms
PALERMO - Via Montalbo, 241
Tipologia: Affittacamere

B&B alla Vucciria (a 24 Km)

B&B alla Vucciriao B&B alla Vucciria
PALERMO - Via Coltellieri, 46
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

BB OLIMPIA (a 24 Km)

PALERMO - Via Chiavettieri, 13
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
Nearby the pleasant Piazza Marina, at 13 via Chiavettieri, is the Bed & Breakfast Olimpia, within the Palazzo Cammarata, nowadays known as the Palazzo Testa.

B&B David's Rooms (a 24 Km)

B&B David's Roomso B&B David's Rooms
PALERMO - Via Roma n°62
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
David bed & Breakfast's Rooms is located in the heart of Palermo in a historic building of 1900 in ancient Rome Street a few meters from the central station, thanks to that position you can reach most tourist attractions of historical and cultural interest.


PALERMO - Via Gorizia 8
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

la dimora del genio (a 24 Km)

la dimora del genioo la dimora del genio
PALERMO - via garibaldi 58
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

B.& B. La Finestra sul Parco (a 80 Km)

B.& B. La Finestra sul Parcoo B.& B. La Finestra sul Parco
Cefalù - Contrada Mollo S.P. 136 Via San Biagio 25
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
The Bed & Breakfast is located on a hill, surrounded by greenery, 5 minutes by car from the sea of Cefalu '

B&B Villa Rosa (a 81 Km)

B&B Villa Rosao B&B Villa Rosa
Cefalù - Via dei Mulini n.4
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Collegio di Maria (a 82 Km)

Collegio di Mariao Collegio di Maria
Cefalù - Piazza Marina
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

La Finestra sul Duomo (a 82 Km)

La Finestra sul Duomoo La Finestra sul Duomo
Cefalù - Corso Ruggero 149
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Alba tra i pini B & B (a 82 Km)

Alba tra i pini B & Bo Alba tra i pini B & B
Cefalù - via dei casali
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
Our bed and breakfast offers the ideal place for relaxing moment.

Bohémien B&B (a 82 Km)

Bohémien B&Bo Bohémien B&B
Cefalù - Via umberto I, 15/c
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
Located on the 2nd floor of a traditional townhouse built in the early 1920s, in the heart of the old town, the Bohémien B&B is the ideal place to spend the perfect holiday in Cefalù.

Mare Blu B&B (a 85 Km)

Mare Blu B&Bo Mare Blu B&B
Cefalù - C/da Centova, SS.113, Km.183
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

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