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B&B near Parco Regionale delle Madonie

The best B&Bs near Parco Regionale delle Madonie

A complete, detailed selection of the best bed and breakfasts present in the city.

B.& B. La Finestra sul Parco (a 15 Km)

B.& B. La Finestra sul Parcoo B.& B. La Finestra sul Parco
Cefalù - Contrada Mollo S.P. 136 Via San Biagio 25
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
The Bed & Breakfast is located on a hill, surrounded by greenery, 5 minutes by car from the sea of Cefalu '

Mare Blu B&B (a 17 Km)

Mare Blu B&Bo Mare Blu B&B
Cefalù - C/da Centova, SS.113, Km.183
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

B&B Villa Rosa (a 17 Km)

B&B Villa Rosao B&B Villa Rosa
Cefalù - Via dei Mulini n.4
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Alba tra i pini B & B (a 18 Km)

Alba tra i pini B & Bo Alba tra i pini B & B
Cefalù - via dei casali
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
Our bed and breakfast offers the ideal place for relaxing moment.

La Finestra sul Duomo (a 18 Km)

La Finestra sul Duomoo La Finestra sul Duomo
Cefalù - Corso Ruggero 149
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Collegio di Maria (a 18 Km)

Collegio di Mariao Collegio di Maria
Cefalù - Piazza Marina
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

la dimora del genio (a 64 Km)

la dimora del genioo la dimora del genio
PALERMO - via garibaldi 58
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast


PALERMO - Via Gorizia 8
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

B&B David's Rooms (a 64 Km)

B&B David's Roomso B&B David's Rooms
PALERMO - Via Roma n°62
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
David bed & Breakfast's Rooms is located in the heart of Palermo in a historic building of 1900 in ancient Rome Street a few meters from the central station, thanks to that position you can reach most tourist attractions of historical and cultural interest.

BB OLIMPIA (a 64 Km)

PALERMO - Via Chiavettieri, 13
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
Nearby the pleasant Piazza Marina, at 13 via Chiavettieri, is the Bed & Breakfast Olimpia, within the Palazzo Cammarata, nowadays known as the Palazzo Testa.

B&B Gli Aristogatti (a 64 Km)

B&B Gli Aristogattio B&B Gli Aristogatti
PALERMO - Via Bari, 18
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
The b & b The Aristocats is a modern and comfortable, located in the historic center of Palermo, characterized by a warm and cozy with a high quality service

Seven Rooms (a 65 Km)

Seven Roomso Seven Rooms
PALERMO - Via Montalbo, 241
Tipologia: Affittacamere

Casa Galati - Palermo B&B (a 65 Km)

Casa Galati - Palermo B&Bo Casa Galati - Palermo B&B
PALERMO - Via Narciso Cozzo, 22
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
Casa Galati B&B - New opening in the centre of Palermo. We offer comfort, elegance, courtesy and a great location right in the heart of the city


Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Bed And Breakfast Ariston Palermo (a 65 Km)

Bed And Breakfast Ariston Palermoo Bed And Breakfast Ariston Palermo
PALERMO - Via Mariano Stabile 139
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

A'to casa (a 65 Km)

A'to casao A'to casa
PALERMO - via mariano stabile 221
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast
A’To Casa bed & breakfast, which literally means “at your own home”, wants to give the idea to make its guests feel at home no matter where they come from. It was created inside a noble palace of the earliest forties, its young and modern furnishing is harmoniously in...

Piccola Sicilia (a 65 Km)

Piccola Siciliao Piccola Sicilia
PALERMO - via tenente giovanni ingrao 2
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Fumbi B&B (a 66 Km)

Fumbi B&Bo Fumbi B&B
PALERMO - via Generale Arimondi, 48
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Casa Rossa (a 69 Km)

Casa Rossao Casa Rossa
Monreale - Via Pietro Novelli 297
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Appartamento S.Maria a Mondello (a 72 Km)

Appartamento S.Maria a Mondelloo Appartamento S.Maria a Mondello
PALERMO - via delfini 47
Tipologia: Appartamento

B&B Il Banano (a 72 Km)

B&B Il Bananoo B&B Il Banano
PALERMO - via Stesicoro 3
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Baglio Busalacchi (a 72 Km)

Baglio Busalacchio Baglio Busalacchi
PALERMO - via pazienza 33a
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

Cinisi Vacanze (a 86 Km)

Cinisi Vacanzeo Cinisi Vacanze
Cinisi - Via Artale,41
Tipologia: Bed and Breakfast

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