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Bed and breakfast Reggio Calabria

Reggio Calabria The province of Reggio Calabria is the southernmost province in Italy, the toe of the so called ‘boot’, and extends from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Ionian Sea. Reggio Calabria is home to The Aspromonte Mountains and National Park, the Amendolea and Calopinace rivers and the Gioia Tauro plain. The largest towns and cities in the province are Reggio Calabria, Palmi and Siderno. The local economy is based on tourism largely due to the various popular beach resorts along the region’s coasts and the nature holidays offered in the Aspromonte National Park and surrounding hills. Fishing is also an important source of income; Scilla and Bagnara are important fishing villages, especially for sword fish. Ports are also important to the local economy, especially the port of Gioia Tauro which is the largest in the Mediterranean. Agriculture is also an important industry, this province is famous for its olives, its citrus trees and its vineyards which produce excellent wines including the locally produced Bivongi, Greco Di Bianco, Costa Viola, Palizzi and Pellaro wines.

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