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Sardinia In his book “Sea and Sardinia” D.H Lawrence wrote “Sardinia is left outside of time and history”. Sardinia has a long and rich history and even today evidence of past centuries of foreign rule by the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Arabs, the Byzantines, the Spanish, the Piedmonts with the Savoy family can still be seen today. Unsurprisingly, given their history, Sardinians are very proud of their roots and try to preserve their ancient traditions. Many different dialects and even languages are spoken on the island: in Alghero Catalan is widely spoken; on the San Pietro Island a dialect from Liguria is spoken which is called "Tabarchino"; whilst the legacy of the Phoenicians and the Etruscans lives on in the language, in the South of the island the local speech shows clear Arabic and Spanish influences; in the mountains of Gennargentu traces of ancient native tongues can still be heard perhaps because Sardinia’s inland areas, populated only by diligent shepherds, were so inaccessible that the invaders never managed to penetrate them. There are many “Nuraghe” throughout Sardinia, typical prehistoric huts from this area, many “Dolmen”, prehistoric stone structures, as well as remains of ancient cemeteries and villages which are dotted throughout the countryside, particularly in the areas around Barùmini, to the North of Cagliari and in the Valley of the Nuraghe, to the South of Sassari. The origins of the ancient people that built the narughe huts remains one of the greatest mysteries in the Mediterranean. One of the greatest museums in Cagliari has a fascinating collection of items belonging to this enigmatic tribe. In and around Sassari there are many Romanesque churches very similar to those found in Pisa and even the local dialect bears a significant resemblance to the Tuscan dialect. Whilst the historic center of Alghero with its narrow streets and small squares shows its Catalan ancestry. The city of Olbia is an immensely popular tourist destination because of its proximity to the Emerald Coast. Nuoro is a much more sober town in the shadows of the Gennargentu mountains and is a world away from the Sardinia sold in tourist brochures. Yet it is the variety of Sardinia towns and landscapes, along with its beautiful historic monuments, that make it such an ideal destination. Sardinia has crystal clear waters and pristine beaches but also hills, plateaus and mountains. Even the vegetation is varied, from great oak trees to leafy palms, and with the changing seasons the whole island changes from a lush green landscape to dazzling yellow.

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