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Sicily Sicily is known as the crossroads of the Mediterranean because of its strategic location between Europe and Africa. Sicily has forever been a land of strong people: in its long and illustrious past there have been many different foreign dominations, all of which have shaped the land and culture of Sicily today. The result of centuries of foreign rule is clearly visible in Sicily’s language, customs, art and architecture and culinary traditions. Perhaps the legacies left by different civilizations are more evident here because Sicily is an island and is therefore more isolated. People say that Sicilians have more Greek, Phoenician, Arab, Norman, Spanish, and French blood in their veins as they do Italian. Such a melting pot of different cultures has made Sicily a really unique place and a popular tourist destination especially thanks to new touristic attractions like the baths in Sciacca. Sicily’s coastline is full of splendid beaches, especially in Taormina and the towns along the Castellammare gulf around the town of Capo San Vito which is in fact part of an enormous nature reserve. Inland Sicily has a varied landscape with hills, plains, mountain chains and, of course, Mount Etna, an active volcano surrounded by an extremely fertile area of land where you can find wonderful vineyards and where nuts, oranges and lemons are grown.


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