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Bed and breakfast Syracuse

Syracuse The province of Syracuse is a hilly and very lush province. Visitors to the region should visit the archeological site in Pentalica which also has a splendid landscape situated in the Anapo Valley with its gorges and tall cliffs. Caddeddi is instead famous for its stunning Roman villa complete with decorative mosaics. Besides being very famous for its Baroque art, Noto was declared a UNESCO site of World Heritage for its pristine sea. The Natural Reserve of Vendicari is also on the coast, whilst the banks of the River Ciane inland are ideal for long nature walks and are home to hundreds of papyrus plants. This area was once dedicated to Persephone. The towns of Portopalo and Capo Passero are ideal destinations for those looking for a beach holiday and love the African sun. Pachino is another beautiful city on the coast with its cliffs, beaches and private coves. Typical dishes from this province are largely fish based, like lampuga fish fried with vinegar, tuna with onions, “cernia alla matalotta” (sea bass served in a tasty white wine, mushroom and tomato sauce), boiled octopus and “gghiotta” (a rich fish stew from the city of Augusta). Inland local produce includes, the sausages from Palazzolo and the olives from Buccheri. The almonds from Syracuse are also famous and are used to make the nougat bars called “torrone”. Nero d’Avola is an excellent local wine.

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