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Trentino-Alto Adige This region only became part of Italy in 1919 and is made up of two very culturally different geographic areas joined together by the Adige river and the Dolomite Mountains which are an important source of income for the local economy which is largely based on tourism. Trentino, in the South of the region, is Italian speaking, whilst in Alto Adige the majority of the population speak German. The inns in this region, called “baite” are very characteristic with their large wooden verandas to make the most of the winter sun and large overhanging roofs to protect the building from the snow. The economy of this region was based on agriculture and rearing cattle until the late 1960’s but when the alpine tourism industry began to boom the area changed dramatically. The region is today famous for its pristine landscape and excellent ski resorts. The Adige Valley is home to many lakes, rivers and creeks, woods, vineyards and lush alpine grazing. To the South of the region you can see the majestic peaks of The Dolomites in the distance whilst further North, towards the Alps, the terrain is much more mountainous and rugged.


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