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Tuscany Tuscany is renowned for its art, history and beautiful countryside, and has forever played an important role in shaping the country as a whole. Since the Middle Ages, Tuscany has been the capital of language, literature, art and the birthplace of important political and economic institutions that changed the course of Italy’s history. Travelling around this region you will find vineyards and olive groves, beautiful run down farm houses, and forts and castles, which are symbols of the violent times Tuscany endured during the Middle Ages. The northern part of Tuscany and the valley between Florence and Lucca are mainly industrial areas and farming lands, whilst the economic center of the region is found in the area around Livorno and Pisa. The city of Siena is in the center of Tuscany and was Florence’s greatest rival, even in terms of artistic production, for many years. The city’s glory years were in the 13th century when Sienna won the battle of Montaperti in 1260. The next century did not bode so well, as the city was badly struck by the plague and was defeated by Florence in the siege of 1554-55. Many important figures in Italian history were born in this region: Arezzo was the birthplace of Piero della Francesca and Petrarch; Florence was the birthplace of Dante, Boccaccio and many more. In fact nearly every town in Tuscany boasts being birthplace of a famous writer or artist. The largest cities in the region, such as Florence, Siena and Pisa, and also some smaller towns, like Lucca, Cortona and Arezzo, house some of Italy’s most precious works of art. Medieval villages like San Gimignano, with its famous towers, or Pienza, with its renaissance architecture, are typical of the region and remind us of its long history. Perhaps the most beautiful landscapes are to be found in the Chianti hills and the mountains of the Apuane Alps.

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